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Got any questions?

You may find most of the common questions answered in this section. However, if you still have additional queries, then you may get in touch with us anytime.

Can any home chef join Mealawe?

Yes, anyone can become a home chef with Mealawe. We only have basic requirements of good hygiene practice in the kitchen, family environment, etc.

Does a Home Chef have to pay any charges for registration?

Absolutely NO! A Home Chef can register on Mealawe FREE of cost. There will be no charge of any sort for the registration process. In fact, Home Chefs are a core essence of Mealawe and we value our relationship.

What is the concept behind Mealawe?

Mealawe is a homemade food delivery service. Mealawe is a platform that will connect home to home. Home chefs from neighborhood kitchens will join Mealawe after completing some necessary formalities. Every neighborhood kitchen will have an option to showcase their day-to-day food menu & specialty food items such as papad, pickle, regional sweets, etc. on Mealawe application.

They will also have chance to set the price of the every food items which they are going to showcase on Mealawe platform.

Every home chef will be able to switch on daily menu food items a night before with the help of Mealawe home chef application. Also, they will be let others know about the food preparation time for breakfast, lunch, high tea, & dinner. 

Interested users will have to place their choice food order from the user Mealawe application. Home chefs will see these orders on Mealawe home chef application & accordingly they will accept these orders. Home chefs will have to pack these order in the package materials provided by Mealawe. 

Mealawe delivery boy will come and pick up the delivery from the home chef’s kitchen. The food item will be delivered to the user in no time. In the end of this chain, a home chef will receive the cost of the food items delivered and Mealawe will earn a small percentage of the total commission.

What is "Jo Khao, Wahi Khilao" concept?

Our motto is to serve home food to our customers which is full of health and regional falvour. Our home chefs are going to serve what they are going to consume. This will ensure that the cooked food has soul in it along with taste and health. The concept will involve instant food orders.

As a Home Chef, do I have any obligation to cook every time or is there any obligation to cook everyday?

There is no obligation whatsoever when it comes to cooking from a Home Chef standpoint. You will have a free hand to Switch ON your kitchen from the Mealawe Home Chef application. Also, you can start your cooking or take any kind of food order based on your choice. A Home Chef will get business on her or his will.

Who will decide the cost of food items as every house hold purchasing will be different?

A Home Chef will get 100% control over food items pricing. Mealawe will also provide every Home Chef a separate tool for calculating price of food items.

How we are ensuring quality of home-made food?

We are getting each and every kitchen FSSAI certified. FSSAI is a brand of trust. The major importance of the FSSAI License is that it ensures the food is verified chemically & hence is safe to consume.

What about packaging items that will be required to pack food?

Mealawe will provide you standard packaging items for every kind of food items. We will get you covered.

Why a home chef will require a FSSAI license?

Generally, home chefs will fall under the petty food manufacturers having an annual turnover of up to 12 lacs. As per government rule, all food businesses having income more than this limit are required to take FSSAI license.

What is FSSAI?

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI has been created for laying down science-based standards for articles of food and to regulate their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import to ensure the availability of safe and wholesome food for human consumption.

What are the charges for FSSAI license?

Every petty food business operator shall register themselves with the registering authority by submitting an application along with a fee of Rs. 100/-. The charge is annual and it has to be renewed on a yearly basis.

I am a Home Chef and I have no idea how to get FSSAI License Number?

There is nothing to worry. We will assist you 100% in getting FSSAI License Number. In fact, we will make this process easy.

How long does it take to get FSSAI License Number?

It takes usually 7-10 days to get FSSAI License Number.

Can I place instant home-food order?

Instant home-food order comes under the “Daily Order” category. We generally allow our home chefs to serve food items during standard food timings which are breakfast, lunch, high-tea, and dinner.

How Mealawe will earn?

Mealawe will charge a very small amount of commission once a Home Chef makes money.

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